This is not a manifesto.

  • A super pragmatist understands the shortcomings of manifestos past.

  • A super pragmatist isn't a designer so much as a person who solves design problems and doesn't turn other kinds of problems into design problems.

  • A super pragmatist isn't afraid of being dumb.

  • A super pragmatist is competent but knows that competence alone does not inspire people.

  • A super pragmatist arrives without an agenda. There's already more than enough here to work with.

  • A super pragmatist desires recognition as much as the next person but measures the success of her work by how little it's noticed.

  • A super pragmatist knows herself well enough to be able to change her mind freely and is constantly trying to prove herself wrong.

  • A super pragmatist never uses her credit card when a library card will do.

  • The super pragmatist asks, "If the word genre has lost its meaning, then surely style is next?"

  • A super pragmatist is a modernist only insofar as we are all modernists due to our modern means of production. That being said, she is not in the business of making things look pretty either.

  • A super pragmatist learns all the new tools so that she knows when not to use them.

  • A super pragmatist knows which problems to leave to someone more suited to the task.

  • A super pragmatist believes that niceness is an underappreciated quality.

  • A super pragmatist only ever thinks of money as an agent and never the reward.

  • A super pragmatist spends as much time living her life as she does working at her desk because that is the correct order of things but also because it makes the work that much better.

  • A super pragmatist knows better than to believe there is any one right way.

  • A super pragmatist once wrote on a paper napkin: To do good work. To never stop learning. To indulge the big ideas but to pursue them with discipline and a stubborn belief in the value of craftsmanship. To be scared, never complacent. To fail well. To produce without inhibition and then criticize without self-pity. To be indifferent to fashion. To embrace new technology but understand that it does not solve the fundamental problems, which are ancient.

  • A super pragmatist knows that the most radical, most innovative design trend is to listen.